Help Keep Ohio’s Voter Rolls Clean

Get a County Data Set

Help clean up the voter rolls in your county. The Ohio Votes Count data team can produce a spreadsheet containing voter registration issues in your county. The issues we test for currently include:

  • Voters registered when they were too young
  • Voters registered on Christmas Day, News Years Day, or 4th of July
  • Voters with invalid birth date or registration date or questionably old
  • Records with matching Last Name, First Name, and Birth Date
  • Records with matching First Name, Address, and Birth Date
  • Registrations with same date of birth, registration date and address
  • Voters registered at The UPS Store
  • High registration counts at an address
  • Voters that are registered before allowed by law
  • Last name the same as first name
  • Single digit last name
  • Address swapping
  • Name swapping
  • Comparison to death records

Contact us to get a county data set.

True The Vote IV3 Project

Please JOIN True The Vote’s (TTV) IV3 project and help keep Ohio’s voter rolls clean. TTV periodically compares Ohio’s voter registration database with other data they acquire to identify voter registrations that are likely no longer valid – for example, persons that have moved out of state but have not been purged from the voter rolls. Using IV3 you can make a difference by reviewing voter registration issues right in your own county and challenging those registrations. When a voter registration record is formally challenged by another registered voter, Ohio law requires the county board of elections to investigate.

Once you complete TTV’s registration process and login, the IV3 website will present a list of voters in your county that you may choose to challenge. See the IV3 website for more details.

Some History About True The Vote’s Work in Ohio

In 2012, TTV and JW took Ohio to court claiming that Secretary of State (at the time) Jon Husted, now running for Lt. Governor “was in violation of section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)”

The suit resulted in a “historic” settlement with the State of Ohio to CLEAN up the voter rolls.

By joining True The Vote, we can CLEAN OHIO UP!

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