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Ohio SoS office and Ohio Votes Count resolve issue of voters registered at Notre Dame Elementary School – April 3, 2022

After examination by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and confirmation by Ohio Votes Count we are pleased to report that 153 registered voters at Notre Dame Elementary School are properly registered voters. The Catholic elementary school is also home to a convent operated by the Sisters of Notre Dame and uses the same address as their elementary and high school. The convent is the permanent residence of approximately 180 sisters.

Ohio Votes Count thanks the Secretary of State’s office for their cooperation in resolving this issue. We look forward to collaborating with them to resolving the other issues and questionable findings we have identified in Ohio’s Statewide Voter Registration system. Those include more than 11,000 name-related date integrity issues, more than 280,000 registrations with questionable or invalid registration dates, over 14,000 suspected duplicate voter registrations, over 120,000 addresses with non-conforming data entry, more than 13,000 suspected deceased voter registrations, and numerous discrepancies between state and county voter registration records. For more details on Ohio Votes Count’s research on Ohio’s voter rolls please review our detailed reports.