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Has Election Fraud Occurred In Ohio?

Absolutely, without a doubt, election fraud has occurred in Ohio. The archive of official election results for the 2008 presidential election, available here from the Ohio Secretary of State website (and also here on this site), confirms this fact.  A general rule of thumb is that turnout greater than 80% is an indicator of election […]

Ohio Voters Registered at The UPS Store

The Ohio Revised Code, ORC 3503.02(A), defines a residence for the purposes of voter registration as the place “in which the person’s habitation is fixed and to which, whenever the person is absent, the person has the intention of returning.”  The EOM, Chapter 4, page 77, directs that “a person cannot list a post office […]

Ohio Voters with Punctuation Mark Names

In March we identified the following voters whose names consist of only punctuation marks. They remain in the statewide voter registration database as of 6/11/22. As a best practice, we believe that names in the voter registration database should be full formal names that exactly match names in the driver license/BMV database or comparable source […]

Lucas County BOE Blames Vendor for Ballot Screw-Up

Election technology has become so complex that county Boards of Election can’t verify whether ballots are correct. All voting systems must be verified prior to election day. From WKSU.ORG … Lucas County mixupIn Lucas County, WTOL-TV in Toledo was reporting polling locations were having issues with voting machines earlier this morning. GOP voters were […]

Cuyahoga County E-Poll Books Malfunction

According to SOS Frank LaRose, “This is exactly the kind of hiccup brought on by a compressed timeline.” It is also, exactly the kind of hiccup that allows voter rolls to be secretly modified on election day. The technology has become too difficult for election workers to reliably operate.

The Status of Ohio’s Voter Rolls

What is the current state of Ohio’s voter rolls? How well are Ohio’s current Secretary of State, Frank LaRose (who, by the way, is currently up for re-election in 2022) and our county Boards of Election maintaining our voter rolls? The short answer to these questions is “NOT VERY WELL”. OVC’s analysis of Ohio’s statewide […]