Has Election Fraud Occurred In Ohio?

Absolutely, without a doubt, election fraud has occurred in Ohio. The archive of official election results for the 2008 presidential election, available here from the Ohio Secretary of State website (and also here on this site), confirms this fact.  A general rule of thumb is that turnout greater than 80% is an indicator of election fraud. In this 2008 election, 2145 precincts reported greater than 80% turnout. 394 precincts reported more than 90% turnout. A stunning 104 precincts reported more ballots cast than registered voters.

Yet, 13 county boards of election and then Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner certified these results. Because it was a presential election the Governor, President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives also approved these results before they were passed to Congress.  How could such blatant fraud go undetected by all of these officials with legal responsibility for ensuring accurate and fair elections?